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EasyClin® is an easy customizable project- management-software for clinical studies. This CTMS is designed to support the management of essential data and documents for clinical trials in an individual way, just as required for each of your projects and in accordance with your Standard Operating Procedures. Some of the main features include:

  • A flexible data structure allows you to modify the underlying system online, even while users are working with it.

  • All changes to the data are regularly added to a specialized data history. This enables you to view the database just as it existed at a particular time and date, and this simply with a click of your mouse.

  • You can set permissions for every single data element. So, for example a clinical monitor may be allowed to read data for all centres participating in a study, but is only able to enter data records of its own study site.

  • EasyClin® provides a very simple and intuitive AJAX-based interface. This allows access from anywhere, from your office, your home, your mobile computer, a study site or even an internet-connected computer at a hotel, just by simply using a web browser. It is not necessary to install additional software.

EasyClin® has proved itself over many years as a reliable project management tool. This CTMS provides you with data access from anywhere. It is a user-friendly document management system. EasyClin® offers you a real-time data overview and extreme flexibility, while requiring very little user training. For more information, please click one of the buttons to the right. There you will find more about EasyClin® capabilities.

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Read about the freely configurable data structure, archival and many more features.

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Read about all the reasons why EasyClin® will provide benefits for you and your company.